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2023 Holiday Gift Guide




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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Picking out gifts for all the special people in your life can be tricky, but we’re here to help! Need wallet gift ideas? Winter gift ideas? With tons of footwear, clothing and accessories to choose from, you are sure to find something for everyone at Masseys. Here is our holiday gift guide along with some common questions about holiday gifting answered. Happy holiday shopping!

What are Good Stocking Stuffers?

Stockings are the eclectic shopper’s time to shine. They’re perfect for all of those times you saw something at the store that reminded you of someone, or that you knew someone had to have, but were too far from their birthday to call it an early or late gift. When the holidays roll around, gather up all of those trinkets and must-have items for your friends and family, they’re stocking stuffers now! If you’re not the type to gather gifts for loved ones all year long, try filling stockings with a mixture of fun little things will definitely be appreciated. That wallet or socks that your friend has been talking about getting for ages are much more fun when they come with a side of candy, cute Christmas ornaments, or perfume. Things like warm hats, gloves, and scarves also make great cozy gift ideas that fit easily in a stocking. If you live somewhere cold, you can never have enough warm winter gear!

Is It Ok to Give Socks as a Gift?

Socks make great gifts for holiday gift exchanges, white elephant games, and other smaller present swaps. Not only are socks a gift of comfort, they also come in all sorts of fun patterns that you can personalize to the person you’re giving them to. Besides, you can never have too many socks! You can also pair a set of gift socks with other items to make a fun bundle gift. A single pair of socks is a thoughtful gift on its own, but when combined with scented lotion and a couple of bath bombs, it becomes part of a fun self-care spa day! You can also pair socks with a pajama gift set, some slippers and a movie and some popcorn for a cozy movie night in. Get creative with it, there are tons of unique gifts you can build around a pair of socks! And, since it’s a gift set designed by you, it’s extra special and your friends and family will love it even more.

How Do I Gift Wrap Clothes?

When it comes to wrapping gifts, clothes can be a real challenge because of their awkward shapes. That doesn’t mean you should avoid all clothing gift ideas, though. There are a couple of ways to get around this issue; you can put the items in a box to wrap or use a gift bag and skip the wrapping altogether. When shopping online, you can often pay a couple dollars extra to have your gifts and ready to give right out of the delivery box. You can also reuse the box that your gift is shipped in, you already know it’ll fit! Boxes for boots and shoes also make great gift boxes, so stock up all year long and you’ll be ready to go come holiday season. You can also skip the wrapping and put the clothes in a holiday-themed gift bag with some tissue paper. Not only is this an easy way to avoid wrapping awkward shapes, the bag is reusable! Really, it’s two gifts in one.

How Do I Wrap a Handbag as a Gift?

Just like clothing gifts, handbags can be tricky to wrap. You can get around this by putting the bag into a gift box or bag, or, if the bag has a sturdy enough shape, you can try to wrap it just like any other present. If you can, tuck the strap or handles inside the bag to get an easier shape, or lay them against the sides of the bag. Handbags make great holiday gifts because they’re both functional and fashionable. Masseys has tons of great handbag gift ideas to choose from, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for the special someone in your life. Not only that, you can use our buy now pay later program to pay for the gift on a convenient payment plan. Buy now pay later gifts take some of the stress out of the holiday season, letting you pay for your gifts on a schedule that fits your busy schedule. You can be pre-approved in seconds, then, once you are approved, you’ll be able to shop across our entire site using buy now pay later. Check out Masseys credit today to get started!

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